People Come To Teach

God has a way of bringing the people you need to you, at every point of your life. These people will come to perform varied functions in your life.

Some will come to support you and show you so much love, some will come to challenge you, some will come to show you things you never knew about yourself, some will come to build faith in you. Some will share with you, similar experiences that will encourage you.

Some will come to teach you patience, trust, forgiveness, generosity, peace, growth, business, investment ecetera. Other will come to probably judge and criticise you. Everybody probably has critics. Regardless of how sterling you are, not everybody will be on your side.

But one thing you must take note of is the effects, all of these actions of people, leaves on you. That’s the catch.

So when you meet people, watch out for the effects, that their actions or inactions will have on you. It will determine how you would turn out at that moment.

Every individual you meet will come to teach you a lesson that you should learn at that point of your life. Deliberately watch out for it because, it will expose you to a thing or two about life.

The Visionary

Your Vision determines your association and communication. Visionaries are very critical about their association and communication. They are particular about the company they keep and the people they talk to.

People who are vision-less, communicate and associate with anybody and everybody. They are blown about by every wind of doctrine and trends.

But when you have chosen a path for your life, you gravitate towards people with likeminds, people who will take you closer to your goals.

People who are successful today decided to do what successful people do. They took steps towards success.

They moved closer to successful people, they studied and read about successful people and found the secret.

It’s better to have few companions who propel you towards your dreams than to have a whole town of people who do not pull you towards success.



You will be celebrated for your success and not for how many people you know. Focus more on yourself, your ideas and your dreams and less on pleasing people.

Beautiful Individual


Man know thy self

You are not just your physical body. You are your mind, your thoughts, your beliefs, your faith, your attitude, your dreams and aspirations, your preferences and so much more.

Nobody is like you, nobody knows you like you know yourself,  nobody can care for you like you can care for yourself, that’s why you have your own brain, your own organs, your own body, your own hands and feet, so that you can be your own person.

Little wonder why you cannot know the taste of food in another person’s mouth or feel what another person touches. Unless you put the same food in your own mouth or touch the same object with your own hand. That is the beauty in individuality.

 It is the reason we have favourite colours and food, likes and dislikes, different sizes and  different hobbies. It defines the concept of choice and preference. If we were not created as different individuals then choices would not exist.

Two individuals can like the same thing but the measure of their value for that particular thing will not be the same. Seeing the beauty in your person stars with knowing that you are different and unique.

Discover yourself, your passion, your strength and weaknesses, your fears, your comfort zone, your skills and abilities. Make efforts to effect positive changes and improvements to your person. Love, accept and appreciate the beauty in your individuality.

Live Hope Dream

Being alive is a beautiful thing. It is a gift, it is an assurrance of hope,Just as numerous as the stars of the sky are, so are our desires, needs, wants, ambitions, goals, ecetera. Some will come swiftly, others will delay, some may never come. It’s all a part of the script of life.

Everyone has been casted for different roles. Some begin with so much beauty and bliss, other enter the story sad and stressed, while some were meant to just have a happy ending only, and so they have to really struggle for a while. We’ve all got our parts to play, we have all got our seasons.

Let’s not be oblivious of the presence of obstacles, they will definitely come, and how we handle them determines how we would turnout. And it’s either you win or you lose. Only you can choose to which side you want to belong.

Never stop dreaming, never cease to put your imaginative abilities to use. Continue to forsee the greatness ahead of you, because the moment you stop dreaming, your life ends. Be full of hope and chase your dreams with everything you got.

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